Race Report 30th April-7th May

Posted on 08/05/2016


Josie Kelly in the Under 16s had a fantastic week of results, racing at Crystal Palace on Tuesday, Spring in the Park at the Cyclopark on Friday and the Thanet youth series round one at Fowlmead on Saturday. She achieved fantastic results with 1st girl in every event this week. Well done!

Crits in the park Round #3- 2,3,4

There where three 4T+ riders on the line at Crits in the park round 3 last week, Oliver Reeves, Steve Gibson and Neil Lauder. The race started off fast and with a huge field with pace was maintained. A few riders attacked and managed to make a break off the front around 30 minutes in. Gibson was starting to build a good lead so made an attack to bridge the gap. It took a couple of laps of full effort but he finally managed to get across. The group then worked together to try and build the gap further. Unfortunately the peloton was having none of it and soon chased them down. A few more break aways went but none of them sticked. Neil and Oliver were working at the front chasing down the breaks, with nothing getting away a bunch sprint was looking very likely. With half a lap to go Richardsons-Trek rider Jez McCann made a powerful attack and took a good win, which left everyone sprinting for 2nd place. Steve Gibson took 9th or 10th, Neil 12th and Oliver 13th. Fantastic results!  

Hog Hill-E,1,2

Oliver Reeves also raced at Hog Hill on Sunday, an 80km E12 crit to replace a cancelled road race. Manic as ever for the first half an hour, Reeves got caught the wrong side of a split and despite doing a healthy amount of chasing couldn’t catch back on.

Crystal Palace

Josie Kelly raced at Crystal palace on Tuesday in the Under 16 girls, she secured 1st girl. A fantastic result, and one of many for Josie this week! Oliver Reeves was at the first Crystal Palace E12 on Tuesday as well, a predictably brutal race that saw Oliver dropped pretty early on. He is determined to do better, so will be racing at as many Crystal Palace races as possible!

Spring in the Park at Cyclopark

There was a fantastic turnout of 4T+ youth riders at the first race of spring in the park at Cyclopark on Friday! Nate Oldfield and Ella Baker raced in the under 14s with Nate coming 9th in the bunch sprint and Ella 4th girl out of 10. In the Under 16s there was Josie Kelly, Harvey Guningham and Matilda Collins. Josie Kelly earnted yet another win this week as first girl in the under 16s. With the small group of girls being set off separately, the group split up massively. Josie pushed for a break away and managed to hold it for the final laps to finish as 1st girl. Harvey raced with the main bunch with only a one rider break getting away. It finished with a main bunch sprint for the line, with Harvey finishing in a 12th position, a fantastic position for his first ever race. Matilda Collins finished as 5th girl.


The thanet youth series at Fowlmead kicked off this week with two riders in the Under 16s category. The race started relatively fast but settled down with two 4T+ riders in the main bunch: Josie Kelly and Matilda Collins. A break went quite early on splitting up the riders with a main bunch and a spread of riders who had dropped off the back. Matilda Collins worked together with one other rider collecting others and building up a decent sized group. Josie Kelly was then caught and the pace was picked up dropping riders in the process. On the last lap Josie tried for a break and built a massive gap securing herself yet another win and Matilda Collins finished as 2nd girl. Josie was 6th and Matilda 8th overall in the under 16s.

Mens 2/3/4 Race

Jamie Collins, Phil Bendeal and Ian Jones rode in the Men’s 2/3/4 race at Fowlmead on Saturday. It was the usual stop-start pace with unsuccessful attacks going almost every lap. Our riders were in or covering almost every attack, Ian Jones and about 5 others had the most successful break but only managed a lap off the front. The race settled down until 5 laps to go when the pace picked up again. On the last lap an adalta rider got a small gap and as the pace wound up for the sprint there was a coming together almost resulting in half the field coming down. Luckily no one actually went down. This left Phil Bendeal stuck at the front and had to start his sprint early, unfortunately he was swallowed up just short of the line, Phil and Jamie finished in the bunch. Ian Jones, after being caught behind the last corner incident, had a good sprint and finished in an unofficial 12th or 13th place.

Womens 2/3/4 Race

Florence Collins rode in the 2/3/4 womens race at Fowlmead on Saturday, it was a fast race with a few 2nd Cat riders attacking throughout. She fought to stay at the front of the group but after about 40 minutes a break away went, splitting up the group. She rode with one other rider until the end finishing in 7th position.

Lee Valley

Nate Oldfield and Ella baker raced at Lee Valley on Saturday in the under 14s. Nate finished in 7th place in the bunch sprint and Ella finished in 3rd position in the girls race. Another fantastic set of results from our youth riders.

More results from Lee Valley and the SERRL race to follow...

Posted on 2017-06-25

SERRL at Cyclopark

Well done to our riders who competed in the South Eastern Road Race League at the cyclopark on Thursday!

Posted on 2017-06-10

Crits in the Park - Round 4

4T+ Velo Club held the 4th round of crits in the park last weekend at the Cyclopark.

Posted on 2016-08-12 by Matilda Collins

Race Report- 12 August

Triathlete Peter Chard represented the club in the Midnight man Half IronMan on Saturday night. The race takes place near the Dartford crossing based on closed roads, it kicks off at six PM and runs into the night (and the dark)!