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Road Racing

Road Racing

The primary objective of the club is to enter teams into local road races. In our first season we have entered most of the races held by SERRL and League of Veteran Racing Cyclists. We expect the numbers of the riders entering road races to increase vastly and hope that in future we will be entering races further afield and in greater numbers.

The first season has been hugely successful, not only in results but also for introducing a number of riders to racing. We have made mistakes and learned from them, next year we will be back much stronger! Look what happened to Team Sky).

Road bicycle racing is a bicycle racing sport held on paved roads. The term “road racing” is usually applied to events where competing riders start simultaneously (unless riding a handicap event) with the winner being the first to the line at the end of the course (individualand team time trials are another form of cycle racing on roads)..

The club is a member of British Cycling and is affiliated to the South East Road Race League SERRL, Kent Cycling and the London X League.

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latest news about racing, the team and results

The Results Continue….

A roundup of the latest results from the club.  All members please let me know what you have done as its hard to seek...

Results Galore!!

Sorry for the delay in updating the results, its been a busy start to June all round! Now the season is in full swing...

Busy Week!!

A lot of rides and results this week from all across the club.  Heres a roundup of all the results:


Tuesday 26th May

Crystal Palace Crits


A Bit Of Everything!

The club have been busy! We have had riders competing across the county, and further afield, in various events with Youths and Adults producing...

The Season Marches On!!

Friday 8th May 2015 Spring in the Park round 1 Cyclopark

The clubs youths had a great start to the Spring series at Cyclopark. The u16...

Wet and Wild!

The weather has definitely taken a turn for the worse this past week but our club members were still out getting some great results:



Sevenoaks Triathlon

19th April 2015 Sevenoaks Triathlon

Ian Forrest and Peter Chard competed in the Sevenoaks Triathlon on Sunday.  The course consisted of a 400m swim followed...

Roubaix: Hell of the North

Stuart Featherstone, Jody Coxon and Stuart Badlwin joined Medway Velo CC to take part in the Roubaix Sportive the day before the Pros took...

TT Results Update

5th April 2015 Kent CA 25m TT

Peter Chard put in a great time to take 26th on the day in 1.04.35

11th April 2015 West...

Crits In the Legs!!

The past couple of weeks have seen riders from the club compete in some very fast local crit races at Cyclopark.  With this being...